Zebronics Zeb Thunder Review: An Affordable Gaming Headset
Zebronics Zeb Thunder Review: An Affordable Gaming Headset

Zebronics Zeb Thunder Review: An Affordable Gaming Headset

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If you have to know detail review about Zebronics Zeb Thunder keep reading this whole article. Before that Must have heard about Zebronics company. This company makes many gaming and electronics products. Including gaming keyboards, mouse, earphones, and headphones. Zebronics Zeb thunder This is an amazing gaming headphone. In this, you get to see many amazing features. If you want to get information about this Zebronics Zeb thunder gaming headphone. Then to help you we have written this article above Zebronics Zeb thunder review.

Headphone Overview:

Zebronics Zeb Thunder Review: An Affordable Gaming Headset

Zeb thunder is an affordable headphone that has many great features. In this headphone you will see some great audio capabilities.

It is a wireless headset that works great with PC and mobile devices. So it is definitely a good choice for the gamers out there.

On top of that the headphone has a battery back up that takes about 6 hours to charge. There are some interesting features for you to enjoy with this wireless headphone.

Zeb thunder Product name In which you will find the Zeb thunder ZebThunder which is an excellent gaming headphone. The Zeb Thunder has got an affordable price point that is very desirable.

This is a wireless headphone so you will have to go out and buy a USB transmitter and other devices. Zeb thunder Technology The technology used in this is the AK4376 chip.

Design and Build:

The Zebronics Zeb thunder has a plastic body and rubber parts. The body is made of durable plastics that provide good grip. Moreover, the audio cable is a 3.5mm jack. It is a good audio cable to use.

Overall, the Zeb thunder is a great affordable gaming headphone that provides a better quality sound that you can hear that it is an excellent sounding headset that you can enjoy on-the-go. Moreover, this headset can be folded in order to use in your pocket.

Audio Output and Sound Quality This headphone has an in-built microphone that you can use for calls. Moreover, it has a long battery life that can last for 3 to 4 hours depending on the usage. Though this headset has a good sound quality, it is not a good gaming headset that is capable of giving a great immersive experience.

Sound Quality:

The Zeb thunder has an amazing sound quality. For that you will find High Bass, mids, and stereo sound. All these characteristics of the Zeb thunder sound great. But some will find a bit high pitched. So this kind of sound could be an issue for you.

The high bass can also be a little annoying. For anyone who is looking for a sound quality which is high enough, but not too high. Then this could be the perfect choice for you.

If you are looking for a headset that offers balanced audio, then you should go for this Zeb thunder. But in order to know how it does with the bass and the highs. You can go for a proper test. And for that you have to visit the nearest store. Connectivity Zeb thunder comes with stereo 3.5mm headphone jack. But this does not have any mic.


There are some better and comfier head sets then this one but it has got some amazing features which lets you enjoy your gaming sessions for a long time. You also have to take care of them while using it.

Therefore, make sure that it is comfortable to use. Build quality Its main features are amazing and its build quality is also impressive. The neckband design in the back of it is a nice design and also it is light which makes you feel that its lightweight.

The only thing that we would like to recommend to all is that keep the headphone clean with a plastic cap. You have to take care of this while using it. Audio quality It comes with a really good and clear sound.

What are the Pros of this headphone?

  • It comes with the standard Qualcomm aptX codec. Which allows users to listen to the music without any connectivity issues.
  • They also have a 40-20kHz frequency range, and frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz.
  • You can connect this to the phone via Bluetooth and other devices by using a cable. They have Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Which allows you to connect it to the devices faster and faster. The sound output of this headphone is awesome.
  • In this, the sound is full and it gives a different kind of sound for your gaming and movies.
  • The battery of this headphone is 9 hours of non-stop music and 8 hours of movie playback. With this, you will never ever get bored of listening to the music. The company claims a battery life of 40 hours.

What are the Cons of this headphone?

  • In the package, you get 2.5cm and 3.5cm cable with this. The cable length is very short. This can be a bit disappointing. For example, with a regular set of earphones, you can play for hours without any problem. But with this, your songs will last for only half an hour.
  • The case is made of plastic material too. It can be a little flimsy. You cannot use it to put on the headphones when the headphones are not in use.
  • Also, the headphones can get easily tangled. However, these issues can be fixed easily in no time. If you don’t like to buy cheap earphones, you should definitely buy this. It is made of high quality materials. And the quality of the material is much better. Moreover, the durability is great too. In the end, these headphones are very affordable.

Conclusion: So in this Zebronics Zeb thunder review you will get to know all of the above information for this Zebronics Zeb thunder gaming headset. From specifications to the design of the Zeb thunder. So you will get to see everything in this Zeb thunder review.

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